Rod Mill

Rod Mill
Product Introduction
A grinding equipment with steel rod as medium
Product improvement
Xinhai rod mills include overflow rod mill, end peripheral discharge rod mill and center peripheral discharge rod mill, which could meet different requirement.

    The steel rod takes regular movement in mill
    It is convenient to install and maintain
    Rapidly discharging
    Even particle size of product, little over grinding

Product Introduction

The name of rob mill is from the medium in mill is steel rob.  The rob mill is generally wet overflow type used in the first stage grinding, especially in artificial sand and stone, mineral processing plant and  power sector of chemical plant.

Product Principle

The rod mill is driven by motor with speed reducer and peripheral large gear, or low speed synchronous motor with peripheral large gear. The grinding medium --- steel rod is put into the cylinder which is lifted, and then fall under the action of the centrifugal force and friction force. The materials entering into cylinder form the feeding inlet are grinded by movable grinding medium and discharged out by overflow and continuously feeding.

Grinding medium

The grinding medium of rod mill is steel rod which is recognized that the length of rod is less than 7m because the large length is easy to twine. The diameter of rod is 75~150mm
Grinding rod should have enough stiffness and hardness to keep straight, and it should not be too crisp which causes the rod broke into pieces without enough wear. If the rod is too soft, it is easy to bend and twine which makes trouble to clean machine

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