Double Stages Slurry Pump

Double Stages Slurry Pump
Product Introduction
A double stages slurry pump with head of 70m
Product improvement
Double impellers serial design without increasing the diameter of the impeller makes head up to 70 meters

    Break through the head limit (60 meters) of rubber pump, up to 70 meters
    Impellers and casings lined with Xinhai No. 35 high wear-resisting rubber, the life is 2-4 times longer than the life of metal pump.
    The rubber slurry pump with resistance to wear and corrosion and high head
    Packing sealing, simple and reliable, no leakage
    It is easy to replace wet parts

    Product Features

    Xinhai Double Stages Slurry Pump as the feeding pump and tailing pump for press filter break through the 60m head limit.
    In addition, Pumptec aided design software developed by Xinhai can selects the best specification, motor power, rotation speed and pipeline based on physical characteristics of slurry transmission and matched fittings and pipelines.


    Xinhai double stages slurry pump applies the national utility model patent
    Patent No. ZL 2010 2 0575068.X

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